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MG's Musings


About Me.

I think we all need more levity in our lives. I like telling stories. Some people get a laugh from my experiences.


My full name is Mrinal Gurbaxani - quite a mouthful. I was never a fan of my first name for 3 reasons:


  • Most "Mrinals" are female, and I am male

  • 99% of people (including most Indians which is where I am originally from) cannot pronounce it

  • In the world of predictive text & auto-correct, the M gets replaced by a U. I have received 1000's of Dear Urinal messages.  

My Israeli mother-in-law would call me MG, and it stuck. 


So, welcome to MG’s Musings.

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And on the professional side, I co-founded Cuvama – we help B2B software companies speak the language of value.


If you’re looking to get in touch, you can say hi on Linkedin.

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